How to prepare your household stuffs instantly in a week for shifting your house.

If you are looking for a smooth and hassle free relocation, the most foremost step is planning for your packing and relocation process. If You plan first for your all process that are necessary for shifting house you will have much time in hand. If you start packing your stuff just before few days of your shifting day then you will have to face unusual problems. Here I share some important tips with you for helping you from avoiding problems during movements. I will also mention a list of some important things to do before weeks from the day of relocation.

Relocation is not really a very hard task if you make a good plan and do your steps according to your plan But if you have large equipment like heavy electronic appliances or heavy furniture, then this process will be little messy. But you can avoid all these problems with a better plan.

Doesn’t matter if you live in a small house or big house, a flat or a villa, you must do all the steps of a relocation process with good time management, because you should have much time in hand so there is no hurry to do things fast. You must have a week to do all the process of packing before the shifting date.



At first take a diary or a writing pad and write down important points for regarding your movement process.

  1. Make a list of all heavy electronic appliances like AC, TV, Fridge etc and arrange boxes for packing them, if you have original boxes of those goods than it is good to have because they are strong and fit exactly.
  2. After that note down the list of all fragile items because those can easily crack easily and if those items are costly than this is not good for you. According to your list pack all those costly stuff packs them with strong boxes and pack those boxes strongly with tapes and cable.
  3. Now take a look at your furniture which you want to take to your new location. If you have some furniture which are not useful for you then it is good to sell them. There are some local stores and also some online portals as well where you can sell them. Put the extra stuff on sale and you can earn some extra money.
  4. After all the heavy and costly fragile items, you should also make a list of small daily usable like clothes, accessories and kitchen items.You have some clothes which are your favorite, and some you use regularly. So, start packing them according to their utility. If you have some extra clothes which you don’t like and those are taking unusual extra space then donate them to charity to them who need those clothes more than you.packing clothes
  5. After all type of list and packing decide what is good for you hire a professional or take help from friends and other relatives. In my opinion, it is always better to hire a packers and movers company as they are expert in their work. You have also some heavy furniture and appliancesand if you are packing and moving them yourselves then there is chances of accidents and damage.
  6. So, if you decided to hire a packer and movers company, then search online in google and select one of many packers and movers company according to your location and reviews about that company. After selecting one visit their website submit an online inquiry or collect their phone number and call them.
  7. But before selecting a local packers and movers company, be double sure that that company are capable of doing your work and also check all of the offers, their license papers, and their payments term and conditions.

In the week of Movement date

  • Label all the boxes with a permanent marker on all the sides of the box according to their category so that you can easily identify the right box for living room, kitchen or bathroom.
  • Tape all the boxes twice or thrice for stronger joint.
  • Pack the fragile items like costly dinner set, show pieces and other glassware with bubble wraps.
  • Don’t compromise with packaging material, because better packing will keep your item safe and original boxes are best for electronic appliances and gadgets.
  • Collect all the valuable papers and other documents in a briefcase or a file folder so that they are not lost, for example, the certificates, the bank papers etc.
  • Pack the boxes containing important tools like hammers and screwdrivers which you will need after reaching your new home.
  • Pack the medicines and bandages and prepare a first aid kit and keep it handy, so that you can reach it whenever needed.
  • Pack the kitchen utensils, the curtain rods, vacuum the rugs, and pack the vacuum cleaner itself.
  • Check you have all the keys of the drawers and shelves and the spare keys of the house.


One day before movement date

Pack all the items which you needed till last day like dinner plates, water bottle bathroom items etc. After all packing contact the packers and movers company and confirm the date and time of relocation.

On the day of movement

Call the relocation company once again for confirmation and after they arrived load all the boxes properly on the truck like heavier boxes and furniture first after that the lighter boxes. And after all of the packing and loading process get ready for shifting.


So it is better to make a plan of all the processes for a big move and follow them with time management.  I have mentioned all the things here. You have to follow them for a hassle-free movement. I hope new place bring joy in your life.

Best of Luck!

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